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We'll keep your furry pal out of trouble and exercise them for you, too! Our dog day care offers a safe and loving environment. Benefits of using our day care include:

  • Less stress and boredom
  • Socialization with dogs
  • Exercise and playtime
  • No home destruction
  • No potty accidents


Our dog day school is just like our day care, but with the added bonus of proactive training for your dog. Our trained staff will work with your dog on obedience, behavior, and socialization skills to make them a well-rounded and happy pup. Additional benefits:

  • Personalized training for growth and development
  • Obedience
  • Aggression Rehab
  • Manners
  • House Training


For those busy nights or vacations, our overnight boarding service is the perfect solution for your furry friend. Our home is your dog's home! Benefits include:

  • All Doggy Day Care Benefits
  • Peace of mind
  • A comfortable place to sleep



Our 5-star program offers a safe and comfortable place for your dog to stay with experienced and loving staff. Your dog will receive all the exercise and socialization they need, with temperature-controlled facilities, outside runs, and an exercise yard. Rest assured that your dog is in good hands while you're away.

  • Dog socialization
  • Plenty of exercise
  • Knowledgable Team
  • A well behaved dog coming home to you


Austin and Tiffany have been great with our dogs. Both training and boarding services are amazing!

Caleb M.

Hardware / General Manager
We have been working with Austin at Lost Creek Training Academy (LCTA) over the past several months. We have two dogs, Sandor and Arya, both of whom are rescues. Sandor was considered feral when he came to the animal shelter and is still fearful of strangers as a result. Austin has been amazingly patient and supportive, giving us many positive training tools to continue working with Sandor. Both Sandor and Arya completed four weeks in the board and train program at LCTA and we have been incredibly pleased with the results. We fully trust Austin and his team. We love that they only use positive reinforcement and caring training techniques. We know our dogs are safe with them and we fully recommend them.

Tiffani L.

University / Professor
Austin was so great to work with and I get very comfortable with leaving my sweet 6 month old lab there for over a week... I could tell that she had a great week when I picked her up and I could tell that she was loved on! She also smelled freshly bathed which was fabulous!! We will definitely be taking her back in the future

Nicole N.

Singer / Songwriter
Everyone that knows me even casually knows that I love my dog. Austin has done what I thought was impossible and made me love her even more. After a single session, walks became pleasant again! I no longer have to beg, plead and bribe her to walk. (Sorry, neighborhood people, I know it was funny, but we are not doing that anymore ;)) Her second major problem is being mean to dogs in our yard/house. The very first session working on this, he had her and another dog eating out of his hand simultaneously – on our porch no less! I should also note that prior to these two sessions, I had already put quite a bit of effort into my dog (multiple classes, endless google searches, training sessions almost every day.) Because of this I was pretty sure her behavior would not improve and I would just have to live with it. I am pleased to say that I am confident that this isn’t true. Walks are almost a completely different experience now (after less than one week) and I am sure her territory/aggression issues will continue to improve as well.

Dawn S.

University / Professor
Vandy spent two weeks with Lost Creek Training Academy and I couldn’t be happier with the results. She listens to my commands better and isn’t jumping on people when excited. It’s night and day with her! I recommend Lost Creek to anyone and everyone. They were wonderful to her and treated right.

Jordan W.

Love this place! The awesome staff treated my fur baby like family. Great loving people and service! When I need boarding this is the only place I go to to take care of my pet!! Thank you Austin for all you do!!

Nikki V.