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With our completely customized training programs, we work with your family and your dog to show you how easy training can be!

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With our efficient and effective training methods, you can forget the embarrassment that your dog can cause and live a happy life together!

Save the hassle

Why fight with training your dog when there is a simpler option?  Our trainers will show you how, step by step, without the hassle of having to memorize everything!   We're also happy to do ALL of the training at our boarding school, so you don't have to!

Save the time

Our Research and Development department spends painstaking hours creating training methods which allow you and your dog to learn in the shortest amount of time!   Don't worry, we make it easy on you both!  You'll actually have fun training your dog!

Save the money

We understand that time is money.  Using our cutting-edge methods, your dog will learn very quickly with positive training methods! You shouldn't have to shell out an arm and a leg to have your dog trained!  We've got you covered.

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Client reviews

See what our clients have to say about us.

Austin and his staff just finished with 5 weeks of training for our dog Pepper. We are very impressed with the results and will be taking her back for service dog training. I'm in a wheelchair and the day that we dropped our dog off, Austin had built a ramp so that I could access his office...

- Jerod K.

Medical Alert Service Dog Owner
We are so impressed with Austin's knowledge about how dogs think and his strategies for helping eliminate negative behaviors...

- Judy W.

School Teacher
...I am excited how much she [Sammie] learned while there for training! She & I both survived our 1st day on the job together (as a Therapy Team)! My long term care residents loved her & look forward to having her join me at work daily. Austin & Staff thank you for all the time you spent with her & for making her comfortable those five week she was there with you. I definitely know where she will be staying anytime I am needing to board her. Lost Creek definitely is her home away from home!

- Tiffany V.

Long-term care

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Don't let yours be.



Using positive, science-based training methods, we'll train you AND your dog! Our cutting-edge methods are unlike any you ever seen before! We'll make the absolute best out of you and your furry best pal!

  • More than 2,000 successfully trained dogs
  • More than 400 rescue dogs saved
  • More than 4,000 people helped

Services we provide

Our goal is to make your life easy by training your dog using the fastest and longest-lasting training methods!


These are private one-on-one sessions where we work with your family and your dog.  Not only do we teach your dog, but we teach you how to advance their training at home!  You'll learn theory as well as training methods.  We offer discounts off of packages, but don't worry!  As our guarantee, you can wait until after the first session to decide on a package or not.


At our boarding school, your dog stays with us for the duration of their training. We work with them up to 5 times a day, for 30 minutes each, 5 days a week and we reserve the weekends for extra additional training that may be required. Once you return, a demonstration is performed of what you dog has learned.  You are also taught how to maintain and progress your dog's training.  We also offer a discount off of a purchase of 4 weeks!

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Are you in need of a service dog?  We'll help you find the perfect dog for you and your needs.  Our highly experienced trainers and behaviorists spend almost as much time finding the perfect dog for you as training your medical alert service dog!  These medical alert service dogs are trained to assist with diabetes, C.O.P.D, asthma, allergen detection, seizures, anger management, genetic disorders, autism, anxiety and panic disorders, post traumatic stress disorder (P.T.S.D), living assistance, mobility and more!  Your dog will receive a custom training plan to fit your physical and medical needs!

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