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Science-based Training

At Lost Creek, we pride ourselves on using positive, non-aversive techniques to train your dog in the best way possible!

Cutting Edge Techniques

Our Research & Development Department is constantly designing new methods to train your dog the fastest, with the longest-lasting results, to make you and your family happy!

Peace of Mind

Know that your dog is safe and in good hands! We'll take care great care of your animal while they're here!

Hello There!

How may we help you?

It would be our pleasure to assist you with ANY and ALL of your dog training needs!

What we do

We offer the following dog training services

Train your dog to solve problems, respond better and improve off-leash reliability with this program!

Want to teach your dog a few tricks? You’ve come to the right place!

We can help you with:
-Bad Habits
-House Training
-Leash Pulling
-Off-leash Training
-& MORE!

Let us help you train and certify your Service Dog, Therapy Dog or Emotional Support Animal!

We can train:
-Anxiety Dogs
-Assistance Dogs
-Chemical Detection Dogs (Blood Sugar, Cortisol, Gluten, etc.)
-Diabetes Detection Dogs
-Guide Dogs
-PTSD Dogs
-Seizure Alert/Detection Dogs
-& Many More!

Need help with your hunting dog? We have the answer for you! We train dogs to:
-Listen Off Leash
-Track Sheds/Animals
-& MORE!

Lost Creek will help you get through all basic, intermediate and advanced obedience in a very short period of time!

Do you feel safer on a walk with your furred friend? We’ll show you how to teach them to alert you of a passerby you may not see! Live without fear and enjoy your outings with this program!

Meet Lost Creek

At Lost Creek we're a family-owned business and we understand that your dog should be treated like one of us! Let us welcome you all to the family!

Meet Lost Creek

Our Team of Experts

Tired of numbers like these?

Amount of time your dog:

Jumps on people
Pulls on the leash
Runs away off leash

Get results FAST!

We can help you with those pesky problems that your dog can't seem to get right!

Do you want to fix these behaviors? We can help! Give us a call to give you a hand in creating a plan to remedy these problems today! Let's get these numbers closer to 0%!

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