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Service dogs are animals that assists you with everyday life activities.  These activities include picking up items, turning on and off the lights and letting you know when someone is at your home.   Service dogs assist those with disabilities and make their lives easier. Our staff will train and certify your dog to meet the A.D.A. requirements.  We'll also teach your service dog to perform a variety of tasks to help you.


Medical alert dogs are life changing. This type of animal provides help when constant medical care is important. Our trainers will train your dog to help you with your disorder. Our dogs detect seizures, high or low blood sugar, and changes in cortisol levels among others.  You will also receive a medical alert dog training pack!

Medical service dogs are also used to help both children and adults with many conditions. These include autism, down syndrome, panic disorders, post traumatic stress disorder and so much more! Our goal at Lost Creek is to make things easier for you and increase your quality of life.


Don't let the term "therapy dog" confuse you. These types of dogs are trained to provide comfort, love and peace of mind to others in a public environment. These environments include schools, retirement homes, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and disaster areas.


These companions are not classified as service dogs, but they do have a job, E.S.A.s provide emotional benefits for people with a mental health or emotional condition. These guys are the "feel good" pets who make us feel better and are extremely therapeutic for their companion human.

Client reviews

See what our clients have to say about us.

Austin and his staff just finished with 5 weeks of training for our dog Pepper. We are very impressed with the results and will be taking her back for service dog training. I'm in a wheelchair and the day that we dropped our dog off, Austin had built a ramp so that I could access his office...

- Jerod K.

Medical Alert Service Dog Owner
We are so impressed with Austin's knowledge about how dogs think and his strategies for helping eliminate negative behaviors...

- Judy W.

School Teacher
...I am excited how much she [Sammie] learned while there for training! She & I both survived our 1st day on the job together (as a Therapy Team)! My long term care residents loved her & look forward to having her join me at work daily. Austin & Staff thank you for all the time you spent with her & for making her comfortable those five week she was there with you. I definitely know where she will be staying anytime I am needing to board her. Lost Creek definitely is her home away from home!

- Tiffany V.

Long-term care

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Training options for YOUR medical alert service dog

At Lost Creek, we offer long term service dog training for nearly any medical or physical condition you have.  Our experienced behaviorists help you find the perfect medical alert service dog to meet your personal needs!

Chemical Detection

Diabetes/Blood Sugar

Diabetes/Blood Sugar
Did you know your service dog can detect BOTH high and low blood sugar?  A dog can also be trained to alert you when your levels are abnormal.  Whether you have Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes, you can get help and live a better...


Low oxygen levels are no joke.  A dog can actually tell you when they’re low. Your service dog will keep track of your oxygen levels and alert you when they are dropping! Don’t be caught alone during an attack. A trained dog can help you...

Allergen Detection

Allergen Detection
Are you severely allergic to nuts, gluten, fruit, pollen, or any other substance? We can train service dogs to detect these and many other types of allergens and alert you to their presence, helping you avoid costly ER trips and Epi-pen usages!

Seizure Alert

Seizure alert dogs aren’t just able to detect oncoming seizures! They can also lead their handler to a safe place to have the seizure, alert caregivers to a seizure in progress, care for their handler during the seizure, plus so much more!

Genetic Disorders

Genetic Disorders
We can provide a service dog to help those with many different genetic disorders such as down syndrome, Prader–Willi syndrome, Cri du chat syndrome, etc.  Your service dog can assist during a meltdown, prevent runaways, and alert caregivers when they are required.

Anger Management Assistance

Anger Management Assistance
Do you or your loved one suffer from an anger management disorder such as DMDD?  A service dog can help to calm their handler during an episode using grounding and pressure therapy!  Anger is a tough nut to crack, and most people do not realize...

Autism Assistance

Autism Assistance
Our service dogs can work with both children and adults with autism from the entire A.S.D. spectrum!  Our dogs are trained to calm you or your child during a meltdown, prevent runaways as well as predict meltdowns before they appear! Aside from prevention, your service...

Anxiety/Panic Disorder/P.T.S.D.

Anxiety/Panic Disorder/P.T.S.D.
Do you have a traumatic past or suffer from anxiety?  Anxiety and P.T.S.D. service dogs can snap you back and calm you down.  Studies have shown that having pets, alone, makes us feel better.  To top that, your dog will use your anxiety as a...

Living Assistance/Mobility

Living Assistance/Mobility
A daily living assistance service dog can assist you with everyday activities for those who crave a better quality of life.  Your dog can assist you by placing limbs back into place, turning on and off lights, picking up items, and even assisting as a...

Custom Service Dog/Other

Custom Service Dog/Other
Looking for something else? With a strong medical background, we’ll customize a service dog training plan for you regardless of your needs! Our cutting-edge methods will not be seen anywhere else. Send us a message to discuss details!

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Meet the trainers at Lost Creek

Austin Buerer Head Trainer


Austin was born and raised in Nebraska.  He has always had a love for animals of all kinds and loves working with animals as a profession!  Austin has obtained a bachelor's degree in comprehensive Biology emphasized in Health Sciences with an animal psychology and behavior focus from the University of Nebraska.  His experience includes the training of over 4000 dogs including service dogs.

Tiffany Buerer - Trainer


Tiffany was born in Colorado, moved to Nebraska at age 13 and has been here ever since. She was raised with a deep love of animals and always had cats, dogs, hamsters, birds, and horses to shower with her love!  Tiffany has an Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler cross named Sassy.


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