When you own a medical alert dog, there are a few must have items that you need to keep with you at all times. While not legally necessary for access to all public spaces, they reduce the chance of you being stopped and questioned about your dog’s presence. These items for your medical alert service dog will also help inform the public about your dog’s purpose. This will help prevent unwanted interactions with your pooch while they’re doing their job.

Medical Alert Dog Vest

Once your dog has been trained and certified by a legitimate training and certification facility, you should receive a medical alert dog vest for your animal to wear whenever they are working. This vest can be any color, although red is the most outstanding. Your dog vest should have a place for medical alert dog patches, a handle if needed for mobility/guide dog work, a place to connect a leash, and may also come with saddle packs for your medical supplies.

Medical Alert Dog Patch

On your vest, make sure there is a space to display a patch proclaiming that your dog is a “medical alert service dog”. These patches help the general public identify that your dog is not a pet but rather a working animal and needs to be with you, and give you their full attention at all times.

Medical Alert Dog Collar and Leash

Your dog should always have a medical alert dog collar on, even when they are wearing their service dog vest. This is a safety measure for you in the case that your vest breaks in any way.

Medical Alert Dog Tag

Medical alert dog tags, while not necessary, are another wonderful way to alert the general public to your dog’s purpose in being with you. You should be able to have your medical alert dog tags personalized to have your name and your dog’s name clearly displayed should something happen and the EMT’s have to be called.

Medical Alert Dog Saddle Pack

Should you need to keep medical equipment with you at all times, such as insulin, an oximeter, syringes or an inhaler, you can utilize the optional medical alert dog saddle packs that are easily attached to your medical alert dogs vest. You can also carry any medical documents you may need EMT’s to see should you have need while away from home.