When is it time to call in the professional dog trainer? Honestly, at the very beginning. If you start your pup’s training off right, the likelihood of their needing costly behavior modification later is slim. Here are a few signs that it is time to throw in the training towel and call in the big dogs. Get it? Big dogs? Eh, maybe I should stick to dog training…



Whether they bite you, your friends, or other animals, if your dog is biting, you need to get them in to see a behaviorist immediately. The average person should never try to fix aggression because it often makes the aggression worse. ALWAYS consult a behaviorist when your dog is aggressive.

Separation Anxiety

Only professionals should handle separation anxiety; it is a serious psychological disorder. Your vet and your behaviorist should work closely together to figure out which medication and training combination your dog needs to live a calmer life.

Escape Artist

When a dog escapes from their home/yard, they are in danger of getting hit by a car, getting taken by someone else, of being put in “doggie jail”, and many other scary prospects. If your dog has escaped from you even once, you need to consult with an expert to retrain your dog to respect the boundaries of your home/yard.

Pulling on the Leash

If you are unable to hold your dog back because they are larger or stronger than you are, this creates a very dangerous situation. Your dog will injure you if they pull you off of your feet or into traffic. If your dog is aggressive and can pull you around, you will have absolutely no way to stop them from attacking. Consult the experts at LCTA to help you get control over your dog asap.

You Are Unfamiliar With The Newest Training Methods

If you do not know how to train your dog, do NOT attempt it. Proper training at an early age can save you thousands of dollars in behavior modification down the road; improper training will cost you. Do yourself and your dog a favor and leave the training to the experts.

Whether you have a trainer do the training for you or you follow a certified training video or program does not matter. What matters is that you listen to the experts and follow their programs to the letter. Dog training is ever evolving as we come to learn more about dog psychology. A good trainer will be familiar with the newest training techniques. Training methods have changed just in the past decade.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I truly believe that with diligent education of the general public by expert trainers, we can improve lives of dogs around the world! Remember to Keep Calm and Get Lost at The Creek!

tiff and max

Tiffany Buerer has almost half a decade of training experience with Lost Creek. She is an expert in obedience training, and she has helped rehabilitate hundreds of aggressive dogs. She has also assisted with the training and certification of multiple service dogs through Lost Creek’s Service Dog Training & Certification Program.